Document one, tiny story and leverage it to nourish your soul, your relationships, & even your business in 7 days.

All it takes is one story, an open heart, and some grit to slow down just enough to record the story WELL. I'll show you how. Think in pictures, in writing, in audio, etc.... but, it doesn't stop there. What good's the story if it dies in a notebook or hard drive? 


  • The most valuable thing: a personal story savored in a photo + writing (old photo box delight! no skill needed)
  • My start to finish process to record stronger stories (so you can replicate)
  • A stronger sense of awareness (to anticipate moments better than ever)
  • The beginning of a beautiful, story collection for yourself (and your business)
  • Cultivation of one (or more) special relationships in your life  

Your connection to what matters in your life will be transformed into strong, tangible stories approached in a freeing, documentary way (in multiple formats).

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"Frankly, that 7 day series was extremely amazing, considering I've paid tons of $$$ for storytelling workshops, breakouts, etc... and it was free?!?!!! And REALLY good content!! Thank you so much, ‪Marie Masse‬, for the awesome mini-course." Sarah Harrigan 

How to Shoot a Photo Story

What to expect, what you'll learn, & what you'll DO:

  • Uncover an important, tiny story in your life worth documenting 
  • Learn exactly WHAT you need to know before documenting a story (important!) with the included Story Map PDF
  • Use two different methods to document your story well (I'll tell you how!)
  • Leverage the story to connect + SURPRISE people you *really* matter to you
  • Bottom line, friend, we'll do HIGH LEVEL work, in less than 20 minutes a day, to nourish your soul, your relationships, & even your business audience.
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Hi, I'm Marie Masse and I'm kind of obsessed with personal stories for good reason:

As ambitious creatives (that's you + me!) on a mission to serve others with our unique gifts, it's easy for us to SAY we value the stories we live through the years, but often: our actions don't back it up. 


What if, your STORIES, can be part of a daily celebration that nourishes YOU + the people who matter most? 

I'll help you become more aware of when what matters is happening, so that you can RESPOND in a high level way... and use those stories to do wildly awesome things! 

So, I challenge YOU to record + share one of the great stories in your life.

Take it from previous 7 Day Challengers: 

"The first day when I got her e-mail, I was so comforted! She talked to all of us like she was sitting right there with us, which was so valuable and encouraging. All of the advice given was relative, extremely helpful, and put so many things into perspective; either reinforcing things that I had personally believed or done/wanted for my business, or opening my eyes to things that I hadn't realized before." 

"The challenge helped me professionally, because I learned how to seek out the special, intimate moments needed for a documentary session. It raised my confidence levels, challenged me to put my lighting skills to the test, and it helped me explore editing in black in white in an entire new way. I feel 100% more confident about myself as a photographer and my work after the challenge.” Amanda McKay 

“I absolutely loved this challenge. I was so excited to be able to try something documentary style in my own home. I do this regularly anyway, but the constant push to be able to photograph something constantly for a short period of time was huge for me. My favorite part was the day Marie told us about the 7 things to watch out for. A total light bulb went off after reading these words. Not only did I realize that I had to work harder at this style of photography, I realized that I WANTED to work harder at this style of photography and I was even jazzed about it. I can’t thank Marie enough for this. I have something to work for now and challenges always bring out the best in my work.” Heather Floyd 

“Documentary photography has always been my heart. And when my friend suggested we do this challenge I was totally up for it! I loved that it was one email a day for 7 days. Easy commitment. And that you shared your experience and knowledge, but then gave us a challenge. And that it was tangible! I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I knew I could do this one thing today and be ready for tomorrow! Plus, it set our minds in the right direction for each day. I adored it. I also locked myself in my bedroom and listened to your entire live podcast. And I kinda felt like I was there with you!” Tammy Zdunich 

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